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One More Week

Juggling too many classes per semester, so as much as I like school, I’ll be glad to get a break. I will then get bored after a month or two and get back to work but this time focusing on ONE thing, i.e., graphic design with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree. I’m a 4.0 student so I gather I’ll graduate with one of those Cum Laude honors. It would be a Summa Cum Laude but after this last semester, I’m not sure. I got a B in one of my assignments and even a B- in another assignment! Will see soon.

I’ll be posting more often to keep track of myself!

As I mentioned before, I’m enjoying my Winter break and look very forward to going back to school for my last year at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. I’m enjoying the process of working on my Bachelor of Fine Art degree. I’m not quite sure yet what route I will take, since there are so many avenues. However, I do know that I would like to use my artistic skills and talent for a good cause, especially for the homeless crisis and juvenile justice.